Stock Status

We usually do not keep hat vizors, bump cap inserts and cap buckles in stock, they are produced after confirmation of your order.

Cap straps and buttons are stocked in small amounts.

Order and Production Process

We use special cutting dies for producing brims and use different dies for every single different model. If we already have a suitable model for your requirements, we can start producing your order right away. If we don't, you'll need to provide us a sample from the brim you want produced and we'll produce special cutting dies for it. Cutting die production can take up to 1 week, after then we can start producing your order.

As for the order completion time, it depends on amount of your order and our production program. You can contact us with the details of your order to get an approximate date of when we can ship it to you.

Shipment Process and Options

The best shipment option for your order depends on its weight and volume.

For orders below 75 kg, express cargo shipments that uses cargo planes offer best value for shipment cost per kg. They can bring your order to the customs of your country in a couple of days.

For orders above 75 kg, partial transportation is the best way to use for your order. It offers much lower shipment costs per kg if you compare it to express shipments but as a downside, arrival of your order to the customs of your country will take much longer.

For full container/truck shipments you can use either vessels or trucks, it depends entirely on your location and offers you can get.

We can investigate shipment options to get an offer for you from companies we know or you can arrange your own shipment if you prefer it that way.

Customs Clearence

We handle the required paperwork and complete customs clearence in Turkish customs but you need to handle this process at the customs of your country with the help of a customs agency.

Import regulations may vary amongst different countries so you need to contact a customs agency or relevant ministry/administration to get detailed information on how this process work in your country.